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A Breakfast Full of Love-My favorite way to serve waffles

Valentines Day Breakfast

This is the perfect easy breakfast to serve on Valentines day. The vibe is set with these naturally heart shaped strawberries, and if you have a heart shaped waffle maker you can double the love. I cheated here and used a Trader Joes Waffle. There is no shame in delicious shortcuts people.

One thing I learned from my Norwegian roots is the best way to serve a waffle. Trust me when I tell you there is no better way. You will mock syrup lovers for their naiveté. A dollop of sour cream and some quality strawberry jam is the way to go. This combo may scare some of you, but I beg you to try it!! The flavor sensation says I love you like no other.

Bring me this and a cup of coffee for breakfast and I am yours for life!

Happy Valentines Day! Let someone know they are loved.

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