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THE BEST SHORT RIB RECIPE? These Asian Sticky Short Ribs Will Bedazzle Your Guests!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Generally, beef doesn't excite me, I am more of a pescatarian, but holy mother of all things

best short ribs

delicious, this is probably the best dish I have ever made! If you are not a big meat eater, I still implore you to make this dish and enjoy this glaze on your veggies and rice.

Keep in mind I am a casual cook, who does not color inside the lines. This means there is a lot of flexibility in amounts and ingredients, this is not precision food, just easy goodness!


I generally don't look at weight, but eyeball amounts. I think two short ribs per person makes sense, but you do you. I would guess 4lbs should do just fine


4 lbs short ribs

1 1/2 c soy sauce

2 cup brown sugar (**one for now another for the glazy goodness)

6 cloves garlic peeled and smashed (if you don't have, no worries throw in dried garlic flakes, powder or that fabulous frozen minced garlic) keep it easy people

1 fresh sliced jalapeño or red chili pepper

Ginger-fresh sliced about an inch or two-or do what I did since fresh ginger wasn't in the fridge; Trader Joes ginger juice powder (so dang good) I used about 1T

You could also use the frozen minced if you have some in your freezer

2 star anise**This is probably the one ingredient I would not mess with. It is key to the complex flavor of the dish. Look in the international aisle Asian section if you don't see with the spices. It comes in a packet.

2 cups water

1-2 T rice wine vinegar

Sides and Garnish Recommended for maximum deliciousness: Jasmine rice, sauteed bok choy (salt and pepper these), sauteed or steamed butternut squash noodles. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds (you can buy them in Asian section already toasted). scallions, cilantro, chopped red pepper and pickled cucumber (again don't sweat it on the pickling-just throw your sliced cukes in some rice wine vinegar while making the dish and bam-the pickling is done.


Throw together soy, 1 cup of the brown sugar, ginger, jalapeno, garlic and in small shallow container, marinate the beef 1-3 hours

Take out the beef from the marinade, dry on paper towel and sear in med high on all sides

Throw the marinade and 2 cups water in the crock pot (or you can do Dutch oven if that's your vibe) with the seared beef. Cook on low about 5 hours give or take 2

NOW FOR THE MAGIC-Making the glaze

Take about two cups sauce out of the crock pot and put in a saucepan,

Add that extra cup of brown sugar that has been waiting for you and the

1-2 T rice wine vinegar (don't sweat it if you don't have the rice wine vinegar, use apple cider if that's all you have)

Boil down to a syrup consistency (it will get thicker once it cools)

Once the glaze cools slightly and thickens up after you have taken it off the heat, brush your yummy ribs with this jewely goodness or my easy button was just let the meat swim around for a glazy bath before pulling them out and putting on the plate.

I recommend jasmine rice as it does add a little somethin' but if regular is all you have, you won't miss out on the magic!

Sauteed bok choy is there because it's bite is the perfect complement to the sweet glaze

The butternut squash noodles are both fun and colorful which always makes food taste better! Carrots would be another fine choice here.

Put the jewelry on as you like- a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds, cilantro, scallions, your pickled cukes, the red pepper is your lipstick here to give it that final pop! A little extra sauce/glaze tableside if someone can't get enough of that flavor!!

I would love to hear how you and your guests enjoyed this dish.

Oh and save the sauce!! Use for chicken you throw on the grill next week!

If you have that semi vegetarian like me, I loved adding some corn brushed with the glaze to

my pile of rice and veggies!

Happy Eating!


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