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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Are you bored with yogurt parfaits and overnight oats? I am about to change your world and give you new appreciation for overnight oats with this easy recipe! The blackberry spheres are the visual magic here, and set this dish apart from all the others.

overnight oats with blackberry spheres
best overnight oats

The beauty here is most of the ingredients are flexible, based on what you have in the pantry/fridge. You can make it vegan, high protein, low fat or high. The half sphere here which is the jewel of the dish is made with blackberries and banana, but you can use any berry you like. I would pick what is in season where you are if possible.

There are a few items I think really zip up the dish that I would add every time. Fresh lemon juice and lemon zest and mandarin orange adds something inexplicably good and fresh. Date syrup is my new favorite sweetener. It has some rich flavor and earthiness that grounds the oats as well as sweetens the dish. The rest is up to you and your imagination!

The best overnight oats
Overnight oats with blackberry sphere



1/2 cup (give or take) "Guud" brand muesli cereal. ( I used Athlete Fuel) or mixture of your choice with nuts and dried fruit preferred.

1t chia and flax seed mix

1 individual size container yogurt (cashew, coconut, or dairy). I used a high protein yogurt in peach flavor, but vanilla would be a solid choice

1/3-1/2 c liquid (I used vanilla no sugar almond milk and a litte water)

1 clementine/mandarin chopped

1/2 apple diced small

1-2 t fresh squeeze lemon

lemon zest


Date syrup

extra berries of choice for garnish

bee pollen

chia and flax if desired


1/2-pint blackberries or berry of choice

1 rip banana

1 t agar powder

1/2 cup water

To make oats:

Combine all oat ingredients from oats to lemon zest stir and don't be afraid to add more liquid if it seems a little dry. Put the mixture in individual serving containers, cover with plastic and pop in the fridge. You don't have to make the night before, two hours in the fridge worked for me, but there is beauty in having them ready to go the night before!

To Make the spheres: You will need a mold for this. I used round ice cube molds for Scotch filling one half of the sphere.

Throw the berries and banana in a blender.

In saucepan add water and agar and bring to low bowl stirring until it gets thick and syrupy.

Pour this over the berries and banana in the blender and blend until well mixed.

Moving quickly pour into molds. I only made two but if I had more molds I could have probably made 4)

Throw in the fridge to set. Mine only took about 45 minutes before they were useable/firm.

To assemble:

Take out the oats and the molds. Place the half sphere gently on top, place some berries and sprinkle with bee pollen (the golden jewels) and a light sprinkle of chia and flax if you like.

Drizzle the date syrup over the oats and delight your guests with this beauty of a dish! Fair warning...they will want the recipe!


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