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A Flower Vase That Fits In Your Suitcase? Yes, and so much more! Check out Modgy!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Modgy Vase

I love flowers, and Modgy has created a brilliant way to take flowers with me to every hotel room, This cute vase is as thin as an envelope until you fill it with water. Pop one in your suitcase, or throw one in your car/bike for the farmers market. There are so many designs to choose from. If you are an art lover AND a flower lover, look no further. They feature Kandinsky, Van Gough, Mondrian, and so many other well recognized artists as well as those up and coming.

They make a perfect hostess gift or gift to yourself.

If you have small rambunctious children (aka vase breakers), tuck away your Tiffany Vase you got as a wedding gift and break out the Modgy! They also make cute little ones you can suction cup to your window-which I have used to keep the birds from flying into my sliding glass doors. (anyone else have that problem??)

Afraid of breakables with Fido or a large party? Their luminaries are fabulous for outdoor evening events. They have holiday themed as well as all the art themed options. Or throw one of their water activated candles in a wine glass and top with a shade. So charming and cozy!

How about a super handy dog bowl? They also are flat as an envelope so easy to take along wherever you and your best friend go. Hikes, boats, private jets,this bowl is easy to take along.

My family spends a lot of time on the boat and our dog Stella is always with us. We keep a Modgy dog bowl on board for easy water breaks. The cool thing about these is they have a ziploc seal so if you have to throw the bowl in your bag, there will be no leaks!

There are so many favorite things to find at Modgy!

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