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Better Than a Cork For Your Leftover Wine-do people actually have leftover wine?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Tovolo Wine Cap

I have bought and received many wine toppers over the years, but none of them were just right. Yes, they were pretty, or cutesy holiday themed, but they didn't fit in my fridge standing upright! I also have tried many on the jet, often just using the cork, but then it wouldn't fit upright on my counter (you flight attendants on a Gulfstream know what I am talking about right now!)

These wine caps are so streamlined that they eliminate that problem of the too tall bottle. They are made of silicone, so nothing will get scratched in your storage drawer. They are small and so easy to store which is key on the jet as space is limited, and at home since my drawers of 15 years are at max capacity!! I also love these because they are inexpensive, and truly seal the bottle. This is key with all the jostling and moving items on and off the jet.

This is a simple investment that yields years of satisfaction.

I have seen these on Amazon, at Walmart, and many Wine Shops.


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