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Blk & Bold Coffee With Purpose-Changing lives one grind at a time

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I love/need a cup of coffee, good coffee, every morning. Sometimes in in my traveling life, it is hard to procure. Time zones can mean I am up at 3, and there is no where to get coffee for what seems like an eternity as I wait for the sun to come up and the baristas to start brewing.

Blk & Bold Coffee Steeping Bags

Then along came this brilliant company Blk & Bold, who changed my world both at home and around the globe with a line of "steeping bags." The coffee is rich, and complex like a fine wine. I keep a bag with me wherever I go, so I am never forced to drink airport and diner coffee, or horrors of coffee at all!

This coffee is fire, as is their mission outside of making good coffee and tea. Blk & Bold was founded by two best friends who were determined that they would make profit with purpose. Five percent of all profits go to a non profit organization to support at risk youth. This is a business model and a coffee I can get behind.

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