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Do You Remember Your First Time? Let me tell you about mine...

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I was apparently a “shoe in” for this flight attendant position on a Gulfstream out of TEB for a wealthy individual. I didn’t get the job. The wife didn’t like my lack of experience, my age, nor my blond hair and blue eyes and my 5'9" stature. (They hired a male f/a for the position).

So my first trip you remember your first time? I remember thinking I was an imposter. I didn’t have “the look” You know, the perfect dewy skin with the lipstick and makeup permanently in place, the hair coiffed to perfection in a French twist…my makeup mastery ended at mascara, and my coiffing skills were limited to a pony tail. I had never used hairspray in my life. My nails were unpolished, as were my shoes. I had little money for those extras at the time.

It was a 0600 show time, it was dark, and was hyperventilating as I tried to figure out which door at the hangar was the right one.

Gulfstream Flight Attendant

I was shadowing another f/a who was lovely, and perfect. I asked if my hair looked ok…she asked if maybe I wanted to re-do it? Gulp-ok maybe I wasn’t cut

out for this. Maybe I wasn’t up to the task of working the cabin with the CEO’s of fortune 500 companies. I had never served caviar let alone a cappuccino.

I sat in the aft forward facing seat with that big Gulfstream window…and when that plane took off, and I felt the power of those jet engines, I knew I was hooked and would be leaving my job to do this full time.

Turns out you don’t have to be perfect to do this job. My curiosity, my personality (so they tell me), my love of aviation, and my desire to do an amazing job every time was enough. My pilot cred didn’t hurt either!

So here I am all these years later, still on this unique journey in this crazy business of aviation. I will be sharing my stories, my food, my tips, my life and loves with you here at Flight Tastings.

Oh and that feeling, that power, that wonder I felt that first day when my private jet catapulted into the air…I I still feel it. Every..Single..Time!



Love your blog, Karin! Happy New Year!

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