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Easy Food Is My Jam

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

sorbet dessert idea

As a private jet flight attendant, we are tasked with creating amazing menus, procuring the goods, and serving at 43,000 in style. This is not always an easy task when you are often dependent on a caterer who may or may not be great and may not see your vison for the meal.

So my motto used to be, “if it looks pretty, they’ll eat it.” Throw on some edible flowers, squiggle some sauce on the side and voila, everyone is happy. This theory generally did get me through, but I have realized something over the years. I had an epiphany at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. My expectations were high, my taste buds were ready.

Course after course, amuse after amuse was put before us, and the plates were absolutely stunning. Works of fucking art. There was gold leaf, there was foam, there were pipettes and towers and sculptures. But here’s the thing.. many of those works of art were just, “eh.” I still left with a bit of wow in my heart for the “show and art” of the dining experience, but quite frankly, it left me a little empty.

So I changed my motto to "keep it easy, make it tasty".

It doesn’t have to take 5 hours or take 10 kitchen specialty tools to make something delicious and pleasing to the eye. A wine and food vacation in Tuscany confirmed that for me. (highly recommend!)

The secret may be more in the little extra you add to bring out the flavors in a dish, the textures you create, and yes the visuals which can be as simple as what colors you add to the plate.

So I want to assure you, most of the recipes or foodie pics I present to you are fairly simple to make. Easy food is my jam.

I don’t have time or energy for too much fuss. Do you?

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