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For The Love of Figs-an easy fig and burrata salad

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Where ever you live, please find out when fig season is so you don't miss the most wonderful time of the year! This 2020 season has been spectacular. There are so many varieties, my favorite being the Tiger fig-it is juicy sweet and divine.

Here is an easy button salad to impress your guests inspired by Il Buco restaurant in NYC.

Burrata and fig salad | Flighttastings

Fresh delicate figs, creamy burrata, tangy balsamic and the crunch of toasted marcona almonds is heaven on a plate.


Fresh Figs sliced in circles- black is fine but the jewels really shine with the Tiger fig if you can source

Burrata-1 ball for each plate

Marcona almonds crushed and toasted (I toast mine in a pan on the stove top)

White or Red balsamic glaze

Micro greens

French bread ideally sliced, slathered in olive oil s&p and grilled, though if you are in a time crunch, warm french bread will do just fine

How to Plate

Place a circular pattern of figs on salad plate

Gently place burrata ball on top

Sprinkle with almonds

Drizzle with balsamic glaze

To with microgreens for garnish


You can replace almonds with toasted pine nuts

Consider adding crisp pancetta for some salty goodness

Add arugula as a base if you would like even more zip and contrast of flavor

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