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These Are The Moments

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

beer and peanuts

I have traveled all over the world. I have

crawled through the pyramids of Giza on my hands and knees wondering if this was such a good idea. I was claustrophobic and it was narrow and low. The string of barren lightbulbs- OSHA standards were questionable at best. But there I was, because this may be the only time I would ever have the chance. Sometimes we put fear aside, and let the adrenaline lead the way.

I have walked the city of Jerusalem and prayed at the weeping wall, leaving my prayer tucked into one of the many crevices. It was one of the most profound moments of my life.

I have gone swimming with turtles dolphins and sharks in the Galapagos. Again questioning whether or not this was a good idea, as the sharks grazed my leg, and letting adrenaline and the thrill lead the way.

These were some of the many epic moments that my career has afforded me, and surely at the top of many bucket lists. But over the past few months as I wait to get back to some "real flying," I have begun to reminisce about the quieter moments on the road that seem like magic to me, now that sitting at my kitchen counter every morning has become more the norm than my usual coffee in the lounge hotel.

I remember sitting at this table at the Radisson Blu while I waited for the chef to discuss the menu for the next trip, and feeling full of gratitude. The way the light was hitting my beer served in an elegant glass, paired with the salty peanuts and the small bouquet was the perfect vignette.

I remember the happy surprise of seeing a bicycle with a basket of flowers as I turned a corner on a quiet street in Vilnius, and of looking out of my hotel room window at the fairytale village below.

It is the simple moments like these that I carry with me. It is these moments I cherish the most.

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